Haskell でスクリプトを書く


{-# LANGUAGE MultiParamTypeClasses #-}
module System.Script where

import System.Environment

type Proc   a b  = a -> b
type Input  a    = IO a
type Output a    = a -> IO ()

class Script t a b c where
  mkinput  :: t a b c -> Meta c -> Input  a -- make input   action
  mkoutput :: t a b c -> Meta c -> Output b -- make output  action
  mkproc   :: t a b c -> Meta c -> Proc a b -- make convert function (a -> b)

type Name = String
type Var  = String
type Val  = String
type Env  = [(Var,Val)]
type Arg  = String
type Args = [Arg]
type Msg  = String
type Msgs = [String]

type ParsedArgs a = ([a]   -- parsed options
                    ,Args  -- non-option arguments
                    ,Msgs) -- messages for error during parsing arguments

type ArgsParser a  = Args -> ParsedArgs a

type Meta a = (Name,Env,ParsedArgs a) -- Meta information for script

runScript :: Script t a b c => t a b c -> Meta c -> IO ()
runScript x m = output . proc  =<< input
   where (output, proc, input) = (mkoutput x m, mkproc x m, mkinput x m)

meta :: ArgsParser a ->  IO (Meta a)
meta p = getProgName     >>= \ n ->
         getEnvironment  >>= \ e ->
         getArgs         >>= \ a ->
         return (n,e,p a)

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